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Each of us has an inner room where we can visit to be cleansed of fear-based thoughts and feelings. This room, the holy of holies, is a sanctuary of light. – Marianne Williamson, Author

A private retreat from the rest of the home, the bedroom is the most important room in the house. This is the area devoted to rest; where one can recharge at day’s end and fall into blissful slumber.  On a daily basis, this is the one room where people spend the longest, continuous amount of time.  In addition to relaxation, the bedroom also has influence over intimacy. Therefore, the energy that each bedroom should possess is one of tranquility and romance.

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The main feature of any bedroom should be the bed. Each bed needs a headboard, preferably one constructed of wood, or an upholstered headboard of a luxurious kind.

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Blueberry Cove

Bed placement is very important. Each room has what we call The Command Position, where the dominant piece of furniture resides. In bedrooms, it is the bed. One should be able to sit up in bed and see the whole room in one full swoop. Usually, the headboard of the bed should be placed against the wall opposite the door, usually diagonal from the doorway.

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The bed should never be put directly in front of the entrance, but rather to one side. Placing the bed directly in line with the entrance can make the occupant feel uneasy, causing insomnia or other sleep issues. In feng shui folklore, this is considered the death position and best to be avoided.

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Headboards should never be placed underneath a window! This can cause health, romance and prosperity issues for the occupant, because all of the good energy accumulated throughout the day will literally fly out the window. Headboards should be against a solid wall when possible.

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There is lots of discussion about storing things under the bed. Many consultants have different views on the subject. Here is what I suggest. If you have a lot of free space in your living environment, avoid storing things under the bed; find alternative locations. If, however, you live in an apartment, or other area where space is at premium, then one can use the under bed space for storage for specific items only! Blankets, linens, sweaters, spare clothes, socks – anything that one wouldn’t mind laying on top of. These should be stored in plastic bins or good boxes. Do not put books, shoes, CDs, art supplies, camera equipment, or any other item you wouldn’t feel comfortable lying on.

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There should be two night stands on either side of the bed. Why two of them, you ask? There are many reasons. First, if one is single, having that extra nightstand says to the universe that you are ready to share your bed with someone, thus bringing more romantic energy to the environment. If it is a happy couple sharing the space, the night stands help to keep balance in the relationship.

BHG Bedroom Nightstands

Better Homes and Gardens Style

They don’t have to match, but they should be the same height, size and weight. I also suggest that they have good storage, either drawers or cupboards, as extra storage is always a good thing. Other than lamps, try to keep electronic items away from the bed and night stands, as negative EMFs (electromotive forces) can disturb sleep patterns.

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Comfortable bedding is also important for the space. It should be soft, and feel sensual and sumptuous to the occupant. I like Ross, Anna’s Linens and Marshalls for their prices and selection, but many retailers offer other great options as well. Lastly, one should truly love their bedroom. Because we spend the most time in this room, this is the environment that has the most impact on an individual. The Dalai Lama once said that “sleep is the best meditation.” I firmly believe that everyone deserves a great environment to sleep, meditate and rejuvenate.


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