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As we let our light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence actually liberates others. – Marianne Williamson, Author.

Lamps and light sources are one of the easiest and most effective ways to alter an area for the better. A representative of the fire element, these devices literally brighten one’s life, bringing prosperous energy to the environment. Most lamps are generally lightweight and easy to move from space to space and, if treated properly, can last for decades. However, lamps can be expensive, especially if they’re a good design. Fortunately, there are coupon codes over here for lamps at stores like Target.

Lamps can also make great gifts. For example, a friend of mine who lives in France recently bought his wife a lampe photo imprimée en 3D (a 3D printed photo lamp for those of you who do not speak French). Custom lamps are such a unique way to light your home, and they can serve as a permanent memento of some of your fondest memories. There is nothing quite like a personalized gift after all.

That being said, it is no secret that if you want to fill your room with a wide variety of different lighting options then you will need the necessary electrical sockets and ceiling fixtures to do so. For instance, recently, a colleague of mine has been busy remodeling her living room. Since switching out the spotlights in her ceiling for some pendant lights and adding a few quirky lamps the room feels so much more inviting and cozy. Apparently, she was actually inspired to install her pendant lights after speaking to an electrician from Your Home Electricians. Consequently, if you are in the process of remodeling a room in your house, I would strongly recommend asking an electrician for some advice about how to brighten up your space.

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Anyway, are you looking for some lighting inspiration? Illuminate your world with these auspicious feng shui lighting tips:

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  • I Love Lamp. Whatever light sources you choose for your environment, select those that are to your liking. If you have a lamp that you despise, this will attract negative energy, also called Sha, to the space. Having a merely serviceable lamp is not bad necessarily, but having a lamp that makes you happy is much better and will alter how you feel in the room, so if you’re looking to change the feel in some of the rooms in your home, you may want to look into sites such as

Banker's Lamp Amazon


  • Be Practical. If you have children or animals, they can occasional cause havoc with lighting. Choose lamps that have little to no glass on the shade or base. (I used to have a banker’s lamp like the one above. My cat kept playing with the pull down switch. One day I came home to the lamp broken on the floor, the glass shade shattered. Lesson learned.)

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  • Increase your Abundance. Make sure that your lamps are in good, working order, and any burnt out bulbs have been replaced with new ones. Also, keep the light sources clean and free of dust. Dust is clutter, and clutter attracts negative energy. Dirty lamps will also darken your outlook on life, effecting all aspects in a less-than-stellar fashion.

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  • Upcycle. Lamps and shades that have been repurposed or altered from existing materials are highly beneficial. Not only does this promote green living (which is always good), but you can create exactly what sort of light you want for your environment. The lamp above was upcycled by using yellow spray paint.

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  • Where to Put a Lamp? The short answer for this is: Anywhere more light is needed and desired. There are some specific areas where lights are more advantageous, such as in the Southeast area of a room (for more prosperity), or the South (for more fame and recognition), but this depends on each individual environment.

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  • Lamps in Bedrooms. In my earlier post Feng Shui for the Bedroom, I mentioned that each bed should ideally be flanked by two night stands. Each of these night stands should have a lamp. They don’t have to match exactly, but they should be roughly the same size and weight. This will help to balance the occupant’s romantic relationship. Or, if single, will aid in attracting the right partner. It also looks very classy and regal.

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  • Good Bulbs. There are many different light bulbs on the market today. Some types are better than others. Due to a new law passed by Congress in 2012, many incandescent bulbs are being altered to use less energy, or being phased out altogether. Halogen and LED (light emitting diode) bulbs are good options, as is full spectrum lighting. Created for treating seasonal affective disorder, full spectrum bulbs mimic daylight, with a radiance that produces less glare and truer colors. They also use up to 75% less energy than other bulbs.

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  • Fluorescent Lights are Bad. CFL’s (compact fluorescent light bulbs) are becoming quite common as a replacement for incandescent bulbs. They have that odd, twisty shape to them, similar to a bizarre art sculpture. Like overhead fluorescent used in hospitals and offices, these bulbs have been known to cause headaches and fatigue. They emit a very harsh light, and contain toxic mercury which poses a health risk should they break. When they burn out and are thrown away, the mercury leaks out into landfills, damaging the environment. Overall, not a good choice. For overhead fluorescents, I suggest replacing them with full spectrum lights. For other lamps, use LED or halogen.

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  • Pretty in Pink. Many designers and lighting technicians have known about the benefits of pink lights for decades. I don’t mean bright pink, I mean a very soft, pale pink. These rosy orbs produce a beautiful, warm and natural glow. This light will make anyone look good, as well as make any environment cozy and inviting. I find this interesting on many levels because, along feng shui guidelines, the color pink is used for attracting love. So this makes complete sense as to why these bulbs emit an alluring radiance. They are available at any lighting store, hardware store, and many online retailers.

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One last suggestion: Window shop first (either online or in person) before making a purchase. Not only will this fuel your imagination as to what it is you actually want, it will also give you solid basis as to the price for said lighting. Bring some more light to your life, and see what inspiring things are illuminated.

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