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Fall Trees and Cat


The idea of calm exists in a sitting cat. – Jules Renard, French Author

A happy and healthy pet in an environment is a tremendous attraction for positive energy. Being that Halloween is a few weeks away, this article will address feng shui for the cat. Like their larger cousins the lion and leopard, the cat has been a symbol of prosperity, royalty, and wealth for centuries. As with humans, cats are affected by their surroundings, and feng shui principles can be applied to their environment as well. Pairing feng shui with calming products such as cbd oil for cats could help to help your pet relax and ensure they remain in good health.

Pictured below is my beautiful cat, Maddie.

Maddie and Hanger

Here are some purrfect ways to enhance the environment of you and your feline:

Dawn Gazing out Window

Life With Dogs and Cats

  • The Window. Whether an indoor, or an outdoor/indoor cat, they like a good view. Try to set a comfy chair or ottoman in front of large windows so the cat will have someplace to lay and watch the world. Providing this kind of space will make the cat very happy (especially on sunny days, or when a bird flies by).

Cat Harvets

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Cat in Litterbox


  • The Sand Box. A cat’s litter box should be kept clean as much as possible. Through my own personal experience, I’ve found scooping/clumping litter to be better than the clay variety. Studies have shown that cats prefer the smaller grain scooping litter because it’s similar to sand. And clumping litter can mask the scent of their business better than the clay kind.

Corner Litter Cabinet

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  • Where Does it Go? Ideally, a litter box should be put in an out-of-the-way area, but convenient to the cat. An extra closet is one option. Under a spare table in a public room, such as a living or family room, is another. Bathrooms are not the best place, but nor are they the worse. Sometimes the litter has to go in a bathroom if the environment is small. But it shouldn’t be the first choice.

Cat Litter Chest

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  • No Litter in the Dining Room! Do not place a litter box in the dining room, kitchen, or any room devoted to making or consuming food. I have seen this in many homes, and the resulting bad issues happen every time. Should you choose to place a litter box in these areas, some or all of these problems will arise: financial difficulty, career troubles, digestive and health issues, and matrimonial or close-relationship discord. And, the odor mixed with food aromas is highly unpleasant. Don’t put the litter box in the dining room!

Flower Pot Litter Box


  • Concealment. The litter box should be hidden as best as possible, not out in the open for the world to see. My cat has her’s in a spare closet. Another friend has a large faux plant, with a litter box concealed in the base of the pot. Or craft a piece of furniture made specifically to house the box in a stylish manner. A folding screen can also be used to hide the box. There are many ways to do this – just make sure it looks good, and that it’s easy for the cat to use.

Lotus Expresso Tower


  • Trees and Posts. Cats will generally scratch one of two ways, either horizontally (like mine) or vertically. Most vertical types love scratching posts and cat trees. Horizontal ones prefer scratching pads, usually made of cardboard or emery board. The thing to remember here is to keep it tidy. Vacuum and collect shed cat hair, cardboard shavings, and the like on a regular basis.

Cats playing with Guitar


  • Love and Play. Depending on the age and attitude of the cat, make sure your furry friend is getting enough play time, with either yourself, other humans, or other cats. And, many cats (like mine) demand lap time. Not only will this make the feline happy and content, the health properties connected to spending quality time with cats is fantastic! According to WebMD, in addition to increased heart health, cat owners have far fewer strokes than those who don’t own a feline.

Kriska the Black Cat

Susan Cahill Mellegers

On a final note, I’d like to remind everyone that, with Halloween coming up, to bring your cats inside if they are of the indoor/outdoor variety. There are many troubled and cruel individuals out there who like to abuse or sacrifice animals this time of year – and it’s much worse for cats who are black or mostly black. For your cat’s safety, herd them inside. A cat’s environment, and that of their owner, should harmonize together so both parties may thrive and flourish together.

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