About Euphoric Feng Shui

571e7eef9b294a2490d2988429b54c3aWelcome to Euphoric Feng Shui.

My name is Shaun-Mathieu Smith, and I wear a lot of hats. I am a feng shui and environmental consultant, writer, food and wine connoisseur, and actor. Upon receiving my BFA in Theater Performance from Chapman University, I begin to pursue various acting projects in Los Angeles and Orange County, occasionally landing a good role. Then in 2009, my acting career hit a wall. After a series of rejections, and a few of life’s unfortunate experiences, I seriously wondered, “Should I give up my dream of acting?”

“No!” was the answer. Recognizing a need for change, I turned to the two things that I have always been able to count on: Writing and Feng Shui. I begin to research more and more about various schools of thought regarding Feng Shui, and applied many of these methods to my own environment. A gradual rhythm of improvement began right away. Compelled by my new accomplishments, I thought to myself, “Could I help others in this fashion?”

“Yes, most definitely!” was the new answer. I continued my research on various feng shui principles, and became a certified feng shui consultant with the American Feng Shui Institute. In 2011, I founded my own consulting company, Euphoric Feng Shui, in order help others develop more rich and prosperous lives. Specializing in both residential and commercial properties, I work closely with each occupant to construct an environment that is peaceful, dynamic and rejuvenating.

Shortly thereafter, I launched my debut blog The Feng Shui Foodie. Combining my passions for writing, wine, food and feng shui, this blog looks at food and beverage from a feng shui perspective. Euphoric Feng Shui also has its own blog, which delves even deeper into feng shui, and how it can be applied to the modern individual. The Euphoric Feng Shui Blog presents valuable insight and information with a stylish, practical approach.

Although I rarely go on auditions these days, I have found a fulfilling and rewarding way in which to help the world. It is my sincere desire to assist as many as possible in creating an environment in which they can lead a more gratifying and auspicious way of life.

You can contact Shaun-Mathieu here.