Feng Shui Consulting Rates

A consultation, with a certified feng shui consultant, is a brilliant way to energize one’s positive energy and invigorate the environmental benefits of any area, be it a city apartment, country home, swanky lounge, or productive office. Consultations also make amazing gifts for friends and family – especially those who can be challenging to shop for.  My consultations are fun, humorous, and full of valuable information and insight to help one attain a more balanced and euphoric way of life.

Current Euphoric Feng Shui Consulting Rates:

  • Residential Environments: For houses, condos, or apartments, my rate is $0.60 per square foot, with a $100 minimum.

For example, for a 1000-square-foot apartment, the fee would be $600.

You could also request a feng shui consultation for only one room. For example, for a space that is 14′ by 14′  (196 square feet), the fee would be $117.60.

  • Offices and Commercial Space: For home offices, corporate offices, and other non-residential environments, my rate is $0.85 per square foot.


Ready to get started?  Contact me to set up your initial call.

What can you expect in a feng shui consultation?

  • A gathering of some important information via email or phone (number of occupants, gender, date of birth, etc)
  • A brief interview face-to-face with each occupant of the space, looking at what it is they would like to improve in their individual lives, and any issues they may currently be experiencing.
  • A walk-through of each area of the environment with the occupants. This can take anywhere from an hour and a half to four hours depending on the size of the environment. The larger the space, the more time it will take.
  • A follow-up checklist of everything discussed, including ideas, suggestions, and improvements for the given environment, as well as inspirational guidelines for the occupants. This is provided two to four days after the consultation, depending on the size of the space and amount of occupants.

Should a client have questions about anything connected to their environment or consultation, I am only a phone call or email away. I also check in with my clients periodically to see how they’re doing, and if a follow-up consultation is needed. These happen on occasion, depending on the individual’s environment and situation. Usually a follow-up takes place anywhere from six to twelve months after an initial consult.