Client Testimonials

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I’ve always been conscious of having the right energy in my home so when I moved into a new apartment I had Shaun-Mathieu over for a consultation. Little did I know not only how much I needed it but how much I LOVED the end result!! Shaun-Mathieu is amazing at what he does, he really listened to my overall goals (career, love life, financial, etc) and found great ways to reflect them throughout my apartment. Everyone always says what a sanctuary sort of feel my place has and I couldn’t agree more! Thanks again!!!
Reyna Amaya – Stand-Up Comic

Shaun-Mathieu explained in depth concepts from multiple sects of feng shui in a very understandable way. Knowing me personally, he explained how I could achieve more of any particular subject ranging from personal success, to love and intimacy, to calming influences, based on positions of certain objects, color and texture choices. A simple walk through my space and I learned what I intuitively did well, and where I failed miserably. Shaun-Mathieu is the best! Highly recommended!
Lindsay Ducos – Dancer and Choreographer

I was jumpy to say the least about getting my own apartment. I didn’t even know my own style, let alone how to set up all the hand-me-down furniture I’d acquired from various family members over the years. Shaun-Mathieu came to my rescue and soothed both my nerves and my aesthetic senses with calm, gentle efficiency. He started by touring my new place with me, pointing out the natural strengths in its layout, discussing what sorts of furniture would be appropriate for which areas, and reassuring me that, for the places that needed a little help, there were endless solutions. “The most important thing,” he always said, when discussing what sorts of things to pick and choose for my place, “is that you absolutely love it.” His style is both that of an steadfast guide, and of an empowering teacher. Even now, years later, I use the principals he taught me to help keep my head on straight when things get cluttered, messy, or just in need of a turnover. And if I ever get stuck, I know Shaun-Mathieu is just a phone call away.
Katie Ty Warren – Yoga Instructor