Feng Shui for Stress Relief

21 Aug

Lower Pierce Reservoir

William Cho

The number one root of all illness, as we know, is stress. – Marianne Williamson, Author

As some of you may have noticed, I haven’t been writing a lot lately. And that is mostly due to being overly stressed (for a variety of reasons). Stress is something that everyone, on one level or another, has to contend with. Some of these stress factors are of our own making whereas others are completely out of our control. One thing we can take charge of is how we respond to stressful environments, and how to relax after the initial stressful period has passed. Examples of the ways people unwind after a stressful day are using weed juul pods or even exercise. But how can this be accomplished using feng shui?

Here are some feng shui tips for helping everyone to conquer their own stress factors:

Bevier House, Gardiner, NY

Bevier House, Gardiner, New York

  • Clean the House. I know many of you are thinking, “I’m too stressed to clean the house!!” When one’s environment is cluttered and dusty, this attracts negative energy (called sha) to the environment. This form of energy can bring about many unfavorable things including stress. Try to clean the whole house from top to bottom. If this is not feasible or too daunting of a task at present, focus on some key rooms. Start with the bedroom and kitchen first, followed by the main bathroom. Then move on to the other areas of the home when possible. If it’s an office setting, start at one’s desk and work your way out from there. Even focusing on just a portion of a room can help. One will feel a sense of calm after an area has been cleansed of dust and clutter.

Green Dormer Bedroom and Open Window


  • Breathe the Air In. Before taking deep breaths of life-nourishing air, make sure the air in your home has had some shake-up in its energies. Open windows in your environment and get the air stirring. Air purifying plants and air purifiers are another way to help cleanse the air. And make the air smell good, with the use of essential oils, incense, or scented candles.

Buddha in Sunlit Garden


  • Meditate. The environments of our mind and soul often get neglected, and this can result in stress. Find your own method of meditation. There are a variety of different schools of thought regarding breathing and self-introspection. Experiment with some to find the right fit for you. Try to combine this with taking a herbal remedy like delta botanicals which can really help to ease the stress. If you want to stay in the herbal range and see what else is out there to help add to the meditation, then you may want to look in areas of medical marijuana, this can help people who also have consistent pain that plagues them. For some people, they will use edibles to help, or cheap bongs to add to the experience, it lands on how people want to be aided.

Rose Arch-Christchurch Botanic Gardens

Christchurch Botanic Garden

  • Return to Nature. Remove yourself from your day-to-day environment and delve into a natural habitat of some kind. An ocean, a forest, a lake, a botanical garden. This will help to reconnect one to the earth and water elements, and offer perspective on the stressful situation at hand. (When I was dealing with college stress, I would take a book and flee to a small park. The time alone, within this outdoor haven the size of city block, would alleviate my pressure regarding mid-terms and finals.)

Himilayan Salt Lamp in Dining Room 02

  • EMF Pollution. ElectroMagnetic Fields (EMFs) are emitted from electronic devices throughout a home or office. Too much exposure can create stress due to the negative ions released into the atmosphere. Plants are a great way to help combat these energy fields naturally. Himalayan salt lamps are another alternative, as the rich salt helps to dispel the bad energy. The same can be said for burning sage on a regular basis, and letting the smoke eradicate the ions. EMF blockers can also be used – however, I have no direct personal experience with any forms of these (which include jewelry, EMF blocking paint, and devices which plug into walls). I suggest doing research before purchasing any “EMF blocking” item.

Girl Sleeping - R. E. Miller

Richard Edward Miller

  • Get Sleep. Not getting enough sleep every night can have major impact on one’s heath and stress levels. Make sure the bedroom is not cluttered or dusty. Try to avoid keeping things under the bed unless they are soft items, like spare clothes and linens – anything else should be relocated. Some people even use cannabis products as a sleeping aid. Depending on your location you can even order marijuana online and enjoy something that could help take away your stress. In addition – other than lamps – try to keep electronic items at least three feet away from the bed as their EMF’s can alter sleep patterns.

The Foot Shop Massage

The Foot Shop – Seoul

  • Get a Massage. Massage is one of the best ways to unwind both the mind and the body from the chaotic factors of life. It has been scientifically proven that massage and touching help muscles relax and blood pressure to decrease. CNN has this incredible article on the power of touch here. It is also speculated that massage can boost the immune system.

Todd van Goetham - Lake Crescent

Todd van Goetham

  • Surround Yourself in Blue. Blue is a very calming color, and can relax people when they look at it. Find an environment with lots of blue, such as an expanse of blue sky or a serene lake. If this isn’t possible, try wearing some blue on your person, and see if there is a calming effect. More on the color blue can be found here.

Haleakala National Park Bamboo Forest

Stephen Landry

One important thing to remember is that stress needs to be confronted and eradicated from one’s life as much as possible. Unresolved stress can lead to many negative things. For me, it’s anxiety, undue worry, and loss of focus. I hope these tips can help to assuage some of the stress factors in your life. Now, I need to book a massage…

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