Grounding Energy of River Rocks

River Rocks and Purple Wall


A rolling stone gathers no moss, but it gains a certain polish. – Oliver Herford, American Writer and Illustrator.

River rocks are a wonderful and easy way to incorporate more earth into an environment.  The grounded energy provided by these smooth stones helps to bring peace, prosperity and abundance into an area.  Their close connection to water, which is associated with wealth, can bring about many positive changes when applied correctly.   They are an ideal example of what can happen when water and land come together; two elements collaborating to creating something beautiful, natural and auspicious.  Although referred to as river rocks, they don’t have to come directly from a river.  Any stone or rock smoothed by any form of water can suit this purpose.

Rainbow River Rocks


Here are some great ways to add some rock solid energy to your environment:

River Rocks on Toilet Tank

  • The Toilet.  River rocks look great in bathrooms.  Their grounding energy helps to keep auspicious chi from departing down the drains.   Place a small bowl with a wide lip on top of the toilet tank, or on a shelf above it, to help counter negative effects of the draining energy in the room, and to attract further prosperity to the home.  To clean them, rinse the rocks once a month with either water and white vinegar, or wash them with water and dish soap.

Bathroom Stones at Take a Bao

  • The Sink.  The same can be said for sinks or basins.  However, because they can be a hassle to clean, I suggest using a few wide, flat rocks, rather than a whole sink of pebbles.  Or place a small bowl near the sink of smaller stones.  The above is from the communal wash basin at Take a Bao in Studio City, CA.   Not only is the area enhanced by the earth element, the rocks give an instant spa-like feel to a common industrial sink

Beautiful Rock Paperweights


  • Get Crafty.  Painting or decorating rocks is a very personalized way to bring rock energy forth.  I love this method of applying images to rocks or marble fragments using a Splendid Transfer pen.  A whole tutorial for this (and many other great things) can be found on the Villabarnes website:

Pebble Mat

Meli Melo

  • Pebble Mats.   Another great way to add river rocks to an environment is to make a pebble mat.  There are a variety of different and unique do-it-yourself projects on the web.  Here is one to get you started:   These rock creations can be used for coasters, trivets, place mats, table runners, welcome mats, stepping-stones, and bath mats, depending on the size you desire and what material is used for the backing.

Di Tommaso Bathtub

Danny Di Tommaso

  • Wall it Up.  Whether inside or out, walls of river rocks can be highly beneficial.  I would, however, not do a whole, large wall, as this can be too much earth energy.  Small portions, like the two examples in the photo above, work much better at dispersing the energy in a space, and look more stylish than one enormous area.

River Rock Carpet 02

  • River Rocks in Design.  While not actually an earth element, river rocks in print work, art, and other items can be symbolic of the actual rocks themselves.  The photo above is a closeup of a carpet pattern at The River Rock Lounge in Studio City.  Although this venue does have a lot of actual rocks in their environment, I love how the motif carries over to other objects.   More information on The River Rock Lounge can be found here:

Avera Firepit


Smooth stones can be located from a variety of places.  For purchase, I suggest Michael’s or Dollar Tree; they have them readily available for a nominal fee.  There are other online options as well.  Or, go out into nature and select a few from a stream or lake.   (Mine are a combination of found and purchased rocks.)    If you are feeling a little disconnected to the world, try adding some river rocks to your surroundings.  Their grounding energy will bring you right back down to Earth.

4 thoughts on “Grounding Energy of River Rocks

    • Hello Nina. One could absolutely turn river rocks into runes. In fact, the act of making these yourself imbues the rocks with more of your own energy. I imagine they would be extremely good tools for you. I love this idea – I may have to borrow it.

    • Hi Marilyn. To answer your question, it would depend on how you paint them. If you want them a certain color that resonates with you, that should be fine. Or paint them like strawberries – that’s cute. There are all kinds of rock ideas on my pinterest page, Euphoric Feng Shui. Look at the Rocks and Marble section. Beautiful illustrations and art on rocks is also good. However, if you paint them with things of a negative connotation, this would b eless than ideal. I would not suggest painting it if they’re are crytal or precious stones embedded in the rock. Would love to see a photo of the finished product.

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