Feng Shui for the Foyer

Russell Hotel Foyer

Russell Hotel, London

If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door. – Milton Berle, Comedian

For those of you unfamiliar with the term, a foyer is an entryway or hall where the main door or Entry Doors of the building or space is situated. Since every environment has an entrance of some kind, it’s essential that the entry point be welcoming and supportive. It’s especially important this time of year as the holidays are upon us; guests will be visiting more often, and costumed tricksters may be stopping by to collect candy. Having a prosperous entrance to the home also attracts beneficial energy year round.

Ornate Green Front Door

Jan Kunst

Here are some tips to make your entryway more inviting and auspicious:

Red Front Door and Gate

Britt Relnts

  • The Front Door. A solid front door is always a better choice than a door with windows, you may want to check out https://www.plastproinc.com/products/fiberglass-doors to see how a fibreglass door may suit your exterior. First, it offers a heightened sense of safety and security for the occupants. Secondly, it deters burglars, as front doors with windows are easier to break into. Also, make sure the door is not hollow, but made of a solid material and is structurally sound. You could even consider looking into the best home security camera systems out there on the market to compliment the door’s intense security. As for the color of the door, it does not have to be red, but it should look welcoming and have some color. (Wreaths are great for the holiday season.)

Donna Puzifera Staircase


  • Stairways. Ideally, a staircase should not begin directly in front of the main entrance, but rather off to one side. If you are getting a new staircase installed then this shouldn’t be a problem professionals like Pear Stairs. There are, however, things one can do if the foot of the staircase terminates at the door. Thriving, pet-safe plants, placed at the end of the staircase, can help to navigate the positive energy (chi) throughout the environment. A floor lamp can work here also, but the lamp should be kept on the majority of the time. (There are other methods, but these are the easiest and fastest.)

Susan Manrao Entry Hall

Susan Manrao

  • Lighting. A foyer should have at least one source of natural light. If, however, this is not possible, rely on prosperous man-made lighting, for both inside the entrance and out. There are many options to choose from. Make sure the light sources are kept in good working order. For more information on lighting, see my post here: http://euphoricfengshui.com/2014/09/06/good-feng-shui-lighting/

Caitlin Creer Entryway

Caitlin Creer

  • The Floor. Both inside and outside the entrance, the floor should be kept clean and free of clutter. A welcome mat can be quite auspicious for the home, but make sure it doesn’t have anyone’s name on it; no one wants to symbolically step on the family name. The same goes for sports affiliated floor mats; no one wants to walk all over their favorite team. The inside should be kept clean as well. Placing a rug inside the entry adds instant luxury to the environment.

Sara Tuttle Entryway

Sara Tuttle

  • Mirrors. Like staircases, mirrors should never be placed directly across from the main entrance. The main entry point is the first to receive chi into the home. Should a mirror be located there, it can literally bounce the chi right back out the front door. It can also be very disconcerting to guests as they enter the space, due to being greeted by their own reflection. Mirrors should be placed on either the same wall as the door, or on a perpendicular wall, so one may check their final appearance before leaving the environment.

Foyer Art Gallery Park Interiors

Park Interiors

  • Artwork. Landscapes are an excellent choice for art near a main entrance, as are portrayals of flowers. Landscapes act as an “artistic window” to gaze through, and flowers are symbolic of freshness and nature. Party scenes can are also a good choice, as they inspire a social atmosphere. Avoid art that is negative or war-like. Sculpture can also work here as well, but should be something beautiful, classic and serene. Art can be placed directly in line with the front door, or on any nearby wall that seems appropriate.

Cottage Entryway


  • No Clutter. As I’ve said before, clutter is bad and attracts all kinds of negative energy. Keep the pathways to and from the entrance free from obstruction. Upon entering, if you drop off keys, mail, coats, etc. in this area, make sure that there is enough storage solutions to accommodate these items. If there is a hat or coat rack nearby, make sure it is kept in order, so it does not appear cluttered.

Cedar Bench Near Door

My Daily Randomness

  • Add Some Greenery. Plants outside the front door are highly auspicious, and can be changed to reflect the seasons. For the inside of the entrance, add a floor plant or an orchid to the area. This helps to attract natural wood energy into the home. Fresh-cut flowers in an elegant vase are another option. However, cut flowers need to be changed often. A living plant will provide better energy than their newly cut comrades.

Thanksgiving Door Decorations

Better Homes and Gardens

The entrance to an environment is the first place chi flows into the home, and it’s the portal in which prosperous individuals can literally enter our lives. Therefore, it is of high importance that the main entryway be a place of comforting welcome. Speaking of, I need to get some pumpkins for my front entrance…

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