Amethyst Dreams

24 Apr

Polished Amethyst Stones


There are little gems all around us that can hold glimmers of inspiration. – Richelle Mead, Author

Sometimes referred to as the Artist’s Stone or the Poet’s Stone, the brilliant violet hues of the amethyst have been a source of creativity, spiritual protection, and luxury for centuries. The ancient Egyptians believed that this stone would guard against negative and damaging emotions. In Hebrew, it is called ahlamah, from the word halam, meaning “to dream.” They believed that pleasant dreams would arise should the jewel be kept near the bed (and there is something to this.). Throughout various cultures and beliefs, this beguiling gem has possessed many positive connotations and effects. It is said to fight negative energies by helping you to enter a state of emotional balance, gaining a clear perspective of your life and making wise decisions. It has many uses, but is very popular in jewellery and is one of the birth gems for February. This is one of the facts you can learn about on sites such as HARUNI, but that still leaves us with a lingering question: How can it be incorporated along feng shui guidelines?

Amethyst Cathedral Geode


Amethyst is of the quartz family, and quartz has been scientifically proven to be a conduit for great energy, hence why it is used in clocks, televisions, and computers. Amethyst, however, is used primary as a gemstone or decorative object, and has its own beneficial energies that can enhance a space.

Here are some intriguing ways to add the energy of the amethyst to your world:

Antique China Amethyst Woman


  • Embracing the Muse. Artists, writers, and inventors have been harnessing the use of this gem for centuries. Because it’s a mineral and derived from the earth, placing an amethyst item in the western area of any space can increase one’s creative productivity. (The earth element resides in the west, and any earth-connected object placed here can help)

Amethyst Geode Bookends


  • Honoring Love and Devotion. In Catholicism, this mineral was said to be the stone of St. Valentine, as he wore a ring made from amethyst when secretly marrying couples. When placed in the southwest area of a room (the area of Romance), these items can help to strengthen relationships past carnal desires. A pair of these gemstones in a small vessel would be ideal. The jewel’s demure, lavender shade is also favorable here. Many engagement rings use amethyst in the setting because of its romantic connections and color. Don’t fear if you aren’t a fan of amethyst though – despite its traditional popularity, not all engagement rings use it. In fact, moissanite rings have become very popular as of late, although you can get a variety of different stones.

Carved Amethyst Chalice


  • The Water and the Wine. The word amethyst comes from the Greek ametusthos, which means “not intoxicated.” The Greeks and Romans would adorn goblets with these gems, or have glasses carved from larger pieces of the stone, believing that using these vessels would prevent intoxication when consuming wine. Of course, this did not work. However, because of the darker pigments of some of these jewels, watered-down wine could be passed off for a wealthier libation by appearance-hence the lack of intoxication. (Personally, I think purple wine glasses would be beautiful to drink from. And, for some, wine does have a relaxing effect after a long day.)

Amethyst Gemstone Clock

Elle Decor

  • A Calming Influence. The amethyst is one of the best jewels for quelling negative emotions and disagreements in an environment. Having a geode of this gem can help to dissipate negative chi (called Sha) from a space, and attract more serenity. It is said to also be good for those suffering from Obsessive/Compulsive Disorder and ADHD, by way of aiding in the travel of neural signals through the brain.

Amethyst Flower Candleholder

Dragon Artwork

  • Mr. Sandman. For those suffering from insomnia, bad dreams, or other sleep issues, having some amethyst near a bed can aid in calming the busy mind into restful slumber. Place a few gemstones on your nightstand and see if there is a change in the atmosphere. Or, better yet, get a nightlight with real amethyst in the shade and place it somewhere in view of the bed. To help with combating the insomnia, you could also look at combining it with medical marijuana from your doctor and check out, for example, a san diego dispensary, or one nearer to you to see if you can be helped through this rough patch.

Brilliant Purple Amethyst


  • Spiritual Enlightenment. The amethyst is one of the best gemstones to use for meditation and spiritual guidance. In Catholicism, the Bishop’s Ring usually has an oval amethyst in the setting. Rosaries will often have a couple of beads made from the stone. According to the Egyptian Book of the Dead, it is indicated that the gem should be carved into heart-shapes for burial, usually in the form of an amulet. Used heavily in Chakra work, its high energy frequencies are known to purify auras. The northeast (the area of Spiritual Growth) and the northwest (the area of Heaven and Helpful People) are the best places for amethyst to assist in these guidelines.

Ametrine Rooter


  • Wealth and Prosperity. This jewel was once considered as rare as diamonds, rubies or emeralds. However, amethyst is now one of the most affordable gems to purchase. Because of its historical significance, and its illustrious purple colors, placing some in the southeast area (the area of Prosperity), can help in attracting more wealth and abundance to an environment.

Vintage Amethyst Cameo

Romanov Russia Antiques

  • Upon One’s Person. Jewelry is one of the easiest ways to adorn yourself with amethyst. Many retailers online offer a wide selection of these gems at affordable prices. Or, if jewelry is not your thing, consider carrying a small stone in your purse or backpack.

Amethyst Bathtub

Alwin Bathware

The gentle and reassuring qualities of the amethyst make it an ideal feng shui gift as well, for yourself or for loved ones. Many online retailers and gem distributors carry a wide selection for every budget – in geode forms, polished stones, jewelry or elaborate carvings. Bring the calming vitality of the amethyst into your environment, and feel the positive change in energy.

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